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Monday, 6 October 2008

PublishPDF version 2.2.6 released


  • add support for cell rowspan in simple tables, using the ||text+++ || markup — the number of + signs indicates the number of rows spanned
  • improve support for cell rowspan and colspan attributes in advanced tables — these don’t work well, but they work better than they did (issue 00108)
  • add support for [[Page#anchor | #]] inter-page cross-references, which use the text at the anchor as the link text (cf [[#anchor | #]] intra-page cross-references)
  • add an option to list undefined citations; see the sample Bibliographies.Advocacy (at the bottom of the page)

Minor improvements:

  • refine the printed form of inline {:term:definition text} markup: definition
  • abbreviation markup now recognises hyphens: OAI-PMH
  • add support for (:markup id=someKey"caption text":) for consistency with div and table directives; in print this produces a custom float
  • add signature X: as line markup for regular pages (not letters), like this one — requires PDF server version 1.0.6
  • tidy the code that controls the typesetting submission form
  • improve the PDF form of run-in heads to use paragraph markup (see Tip of the Week 00033)
  • add an option to print search output using the article class, instead of the report class (see Tip of the Week 00044)

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John Rankin
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