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Sunday, 2 November 2008

PublishPDF version 2.2.7 released

Full use of the new features in this release requires Wikibook server version 1.0.7, released Saturday, 18 October 2008. This release contains two major enhancement:

  • richer Fig, Tab and Div cross-reference text, using the varioref package — to enable this, add $ReferencePageNumbers = true; to local/config.php
  • Aligned Equations now support sub-equations, including labels and EQ cross-reference numbers

It adds a number of minor enhancements:

  • the Site.Book Template now includes a chappg option to select chapter-page numbering
  • an optional GroupPublishFooter page can now be included with every page in a published collection
  • there is some trial code to support AuthUser and IP-based authentication; see Tip of the Week 00042
  • fix a bug in the undefined citations code that generated a warning when a page contains no citations

The latest release is available from Cookbook:PublishPDF.

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