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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Wikibook server version 1.0.9 released

This is a minor release to improve various presentation options:

  • add support for per-chapter “mini tables of contents” in books — add toc=on to a typeset-book directive
  • add support for LATEX-style (typewriter font) url link text — add urlstyle=on to any typeset directive
  • add support for an article cover page — add cover=on to a typeset-page or typeset-trail directive
  • the article title now takes on the font style of the article’s headings (default is sans-serif bold)
  • if dates include AM and PM, administrators have an option to set these in small caps — if $format=‘pdf’ change $TimeFmt to end in &%p; instead of %p (it translates &AM; and ± entities into suitable markup)

There are also a few subtle presentation improvements:

  • the book template now uses the ∗ (∗) entity on the legal notice page for more even spacing
  • multi-line titles on article, report and book covers now have correct inter-line spacing (leading)
  • fix a bug when a p tag has both skip and align attributes

A complementary Publish PDF library will be released shortly. This includes updates to the Site template files to support the new typesetting options.

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