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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Wikibook server 1.0.10 and Publish PDF 2.2.10 released

Sites running their own Wikibook PDF server are advised to upgrade to version 1.0.10 before upgrading the Cookbook:PublishPDF library. Enhancements to the Wikibook XML generated from wiki markup should work correctly with existing server installations, but some new capabilities require a server upgrade.

Wikibook server changes

This release adds the following features:

  • class=big on simple tables provides a combination of class=long (table can be longer than one page) and class=wide (table prints in landscape, i.e. rotated 90°) — see issue 00128
  • long tables translate the “Continues” text in the table footer based on the document’s language setting
  • advanced tables with simple cells have better support for the colspan attribute — see Advanced Table with Simple Cells
  • improve handling of floating images and tables in 2 column output — see Wikipublisher Project (detect whether to shrink an image to one column or span both columns)
  • reports and articles with cover pages print the keywords on the cover
  • provide an option to print section headings in uppercase
  • change the formatting of footnotes when parasep=space
  • fix a bug when image alt text contains an underscore and the output includes a list of figures; fix the same bug when an article has a surtitle and the surtitle contains an underscore

Publish PDF library changes

This release adds the following features:

  • Sec(id) markup provides section number cross-references to labelled headings within the same page (this feature does not work across pages)
  • detect simple cells in advanced tables and improve handling of cell colour attributes when rowspan is used
  • fix a bug when typesetting advanced tables if the PHP language is French
  • fix a bug when typesetting trails if the number of stops exceeds PmWiki’s maxincludes limit
  • revise print templates to offer a ucsection=on option for printing sections in uppercase
  • update the pub/skins/latexprint skin to improve printing of the page URL in 2 column output
  • sites running PmWiki 2.2.1 or above no longer need to patch the pagelist code to typeset pages containing pagelist output — see Upgrading to PmWiki 22
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