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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Wikibook server version 1.0.12 released

This release makes a number of minor improvements:

  • option to print an envelope when printing a letter, automatically adjusting envelope size based on page size
  • improve presentation of 2 column output, in particular big floats spanning both columns
  • enhance handling of framed div blocks, including a special class=block
  • remove opening space in footnotes when using spaced paragraphs
  • prevent a possible page break between the “References” heading and the first reference
  • omit headers and footers on empty verso pages in duplex reports
  • tidy spacing around … ellipsis dots

Publish PDF library version 2.2.12 released

This release complements the Wikibook server release:

  • fix a linebreaks bug in letters
  • add an Envelope option to Site.Letter Template
  • move the groupname into the surtitle in Site.Print Template and Site.Include Template
  • add support for linebreaks in book chapter aphorisms — useful for poems (Issue 00136)
  • enhance hyphenation of URL text to allow breaks between lower and uppercase letters
  • resolve a markup sequencing dispute between smart quotes and smart em dashes
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