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14 August 2009 at 06:32 PM by John Rankin - wikibook server version 1.0.13 released
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!!! Wikibook server version 1.0.13 released

This is a minor maintenance release, covering:
* server-side fix for a long-standing bug arising when a `URL contains an anchor ([[issue(s.) 00035]]), so we can add support for links between `PDF files (thanks to Jeffrey for raising this)
* make the check for an approved wiki `URL optional -- if the approval page setting is undefined, the check will always return "allowed" (thanks to Federico for suggesting this)
* improve the handling of lists in advanced table cells and div blocks, so there is less vertical space
* add server-side support for a colophon=off option to suppress printing of the Site/PrintFooter

Making `URL approvals optional is not a good idea for public Wikibook servers, as it will allow any site with Wikipublisher installed to ask the server to generate a `PDF. However, this makes it slightly easier to install the server behind a fire-wall, as there is one less thing to do.
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