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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wikibook PDF server 1.0.14 and Publish PDF library 2.2.15 released

Wikibook PDF server 1.0.14 improves book support

Thanks to Crisses? for suggesting some excellent improvements to the book handler:

  • include a dedication page in the front matter (e.g. “To my dog”)
  • add a print metadata option to print the preface after the table of contents, but still part of the front matter (i.e. with lower Roman page numbering)
  • add an “afterword” chapter kind which prints at the very end of the back matter (e.g. “About the Author”)
  • add a part mini table of contents option — if the chapter minitoc option is on, and the book has multiple parts, it will print a part toc
  • improve the layout of the main table of contents when a book has parts and back matter (add vertical space between the last chapter in the last part and the first chapter in the back matter)

The release also fixes a couple of minor issues:

  • correct the handling of the ☐ entity (error in template/tbents.txt)
  • improve support for itemised list with a custom bullet style — see Checkboxes

Publish PDF library 2.2.15 expands book markup

To take advantage of these new server features, there are several new markup options available on the book trail page:

  • (:dedication: To my dog :) adds a dedication to the front matter — it only recognises the hidden PTV markup option
  • a list item of the form [[About the author | Afterword: About the Author]] prints the page at the very end of the book — if the book has an Appendix, the Afterword page must come before the appendix in the trail
  • a list item of the form [[Chapter Name | Part:Part Name: Chapter name]] opens a “part” before the Chapter Name, with heading “Part Name”, which prints on a plain recto page with an upper Roman part number — the part stays open until the next Part: directive1
  • for a multi-part book with appendices, a list item of the form [[Appendix Name | Appendix:Part:Appendices: Appendix name]] will put the appendices in their own part
  • a list item of the form [[Foreword]] now produces an unnumbered book chapter
  • a list item of the form [[Chapter Name | Unnumber: Chapter name]] makes an unnumbered chapter; the [[Chapter Name | Number: Chapter name]] variant numbers a normally unnumbered chapter, such as Preface, Introduction, Acknowledgments, etc.
  • (:typeset-book preface=off:) prints the preface after the table of contents
  • articles and reports now offer a choice of heading colours under the PDF options

1 Part:2001[=:=] A Space Odyssey: lets an author include a colon in a part heading (↑)

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