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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Wikibook PDF server v1.0.15 released

This release adds support for book features that will be available in the next Publish PDF library release. This includes:

  • multi-part books (Part I, Part II, etc.)
  • part mini tables of contents
  • an optional dedication text in the front matter
  • an optional Afterword in the back matter
  • an option to place the Preface after the table of contents, in the front matter (i.e. roman page numbers)
  • support for “half US” paper size (5½″ × 8½″)

These features are controlled through the book’s trail page set-up. Those running a PDF server are encouraged to upgrade in preparation. You can take advantage of the “half US” paper size by adding pagesize=HU to the typeset-book directive.

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