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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Publish PDF 2.2.16 and Wikibook Server 1.0.16 released

This is a minor release which brings the numbering back into alignment, while adding some useful new features and fixes:

  • support for automatically numbering paragraphs in articles (i.e. legal-style) using the parasep=number option—it’s surprisingly hard to do this in LATEX
  • add new book chapter styles, including a “word processor” style where the chapter number and name are on the same line (thanks to Vito for suggesting this)
  • improve handling of non-floating advanced tables to reduce the incidence of “orphan” table rows (thanks again to Vito)
  • fix a pathological case of smart quotes—“this now works” (opening quote after an em dash — thanks to Brenda)
  • fix bug in abbreviations markup so MP3 now works (abbreviation contains a number — thanks again to Brenda)
  • fix PDF bookmarks and table of contents links to unnumbered book chapters (required a phantomsection LATEX command — nice catch, Brenda)
  • add new PDF options to the relevant Site template pages

The new book part and chapter markup has also been much more fully tested and seems to work well.

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