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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Publish PDF 2.2.17 and Wikibook Server 1.0.17 released

This is a minor maintenance release. The releases add some new features:

  • new book chapter styles Gustav and Robert (I especially like Robert)
  • include a book cover logo using the (:graphics: url_of_image :) directive
  • local wikibook server customisation through a wikibook/local/wikibook.cfg file (this loads after other sty files but before the parameters defined in print metadata)
  • option to autonumber appendices in articles and reports
  • refactor the LATEX transformation so the hyperref package loads last, fixing an occasional bug in tables of contents

There is an example of a book cover logo at

These releases also fix some impenetrable bugs in handling the (:markup:) directive used extensively in the PmWiki group documentation. Thanks to Paul for discovering these. My head still hurts from trying to unravel how the PmWiki FAQ page works and why it broke Wiki Publisher.

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