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06 April 2010 at 08:52 AM by John Rankin - publish PDF version 2.2.19 and Wikibook server 1.0.19 released
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!! Publish PDF 2.2.19 and Wikibook PDF server 1.0.19 released

These releases add support for subfigures plus a couple of minor improvements.

In the Publish `PDF library:
* add image processing rules to recognise multiple images on a line as a group (subfigures)
* improve handling of images that point to external addresses -- move the link to the image caption
* fix a bug in handling print metadata settings with trailing spaces

In the Wikibook `PDF server:
* add support for <figure><subfigure><graphics> blocks -- by default it makes images in the block equal height to fill the textwidth
* tidy image width calculations
* add support for a print metadata element for bookmarks=numbered
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