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Friday, 11 June 2010

Publish PDF 2.2.21 and Wikibook server 1.0.21 released

This is probably the last incremental release in the current series. Upgrading is strongly recommended, as there are a number of bug fixes and feature improvements. The next Wikibook server release will probably be a beta for testing book indexes.

  • advanced table markup enhancements
    • Plain Table Test adds class=plain to advanced tables, to produce tables with vertical and horizontal rules — thanks to Frank for suggesting this as a way to create forms; before using this option for other kinds of table, study publication quality tables (PDF) and note guideline 1 on page 3, “Never, ever use vertical rules.”
    • Complex Table Test brings support for class=big to advanced tables, for long and wide tables, and at long last makes column span correctly wrap long text lines — thanks to Nigel for the excellent example for testing this
  • latexrender equation enhancements
    • fixes a bug which crept in and broke aligned equation handling; this should now work correctly again (because it caches equation images, only aligned equations created since the bug was introduced in version 2.2.7 are affected)
    • adds an option for serving equation images from a remote latexrender server, for those unable to run Latax on their wiki server — thanks to Frank for suggesting this and pointing out an example of prior art; with this option enabled, any wiki can Activate Latexrender to include LATEX equation markup and use a remote server to turn this into an image
    • includes a new pub/latexrender/scripts/latex2img.php script so any wiki with latexrender installed can act as an equation image server
  • page header and footer enhancements
    • the Wikibook PDF server now includes an example (in config-examples/wikibook-demo.cfg) of redefining book headers and footers to show the chapter and section in the running headers — thanks to Jeff for suggesting this; after installing the upgrade, copy and paste the contents of wikibook-demo.cfg into the local/wikibook.cfg file
    • the typesetting option cover=none suppresses the running header and footer in the article layout — thanks to Frank for suggesting this
    • by default, articles now include the section name and number in the running header
  • PDF bookmarks
    • adding bookmarks=autonumber to a typeset-book directive will include the section numbers in PDF bookmarks and set the bookmarks depth to the value of the autonumber option — thanks to Jeff for suggesting this; by default, the bookmarks depth defaults to the same as the table of contents depth.
  • book indexes (beta testing)
    • in preparation for the next server release, version 2.2.21 of the Publish PDF library includes a wpcategories.php script, which re-interprets category markup to support Book Indexes; to use this, create a local/Group.php file for the group holding the book’s trail page with the line, include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/wikipublisher/wpcategories.php");
    • the release also includes a new version of pub/skins/latexpublishbook which will invoke a different book template when the wpcategories.php script is enabled

The current version of the Wikibook PDF server does not support book indexes. I hope to release a beta version shortly which can process the output generated from the markup rules defined in wpcategories. Meanwhile, people can inspect the code for bugs, use the category markup support, and view the XML, but cannot produce an indexed book. The code is working on the development computer, but it requires extensive modifications to the PDF server Perl scripts.

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