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Monday, 14 June 2010

Wikibook PDF server version 1.1.beta-1 released

This series of releases will test the server-side support for generating Book Indexes. Follow the installation instructions below, noting that the new server code requires a change to the configuration file. The server needs to be able to find the texindy index generation program. If it is not installed, you may have to find the “xindy” package for your system, “texindy” is provided by xindy.

The following instructions assume there is an existing Wikibook server installation and that this is an upgrade.

  1. download and unpack the Wikibook server beta code from Install the Server
  2. find the path to texindy — in most LATEX installations, it is in the same directory as pdflatex
  3. add config(texindy => "/path/to/texindy"); to your configuration file — the beta includes examples
  4. update the wikibook directory from the beta version; the following items have changed:
    • the WikiPublisher directory contents (,, and CGI/
    • template/tbook.sty and template/wikibook-book.sty
    • xml/tblatex.xsl
  5. if you haven’t already done so, download and install the current release of the Cookbook:PublishPDF library
  6. make sure you have installed cookbook/wikipublisher/wpcategories.php and the newest pub/skins/latexpublishbook/ skin (which contains two tmpl files, for books with and without indexes)
  7. for the group where the book’s trail page and contents pages will be stored, create a local/Groupname.php file to include_once("$FarmD/cookbook/wikipublisher/wpcategories.php");
  8. sometimes, authors wish to include introductory text at the start of the index — to do so, create a page called Groupname/IndexHeader (do not add this page to the book’s trail; Wikipublisher will find it automatically)

Any category markup or Category/CategoryName references on pages in Groupname will now be re-interpreted as index entries. The wpcategories script also ensures Wikipublisher loads the correct book template — the one that includes an <index> tag. To learn more about possible indexing options see The LATEX Companion chapter 11 or indexing.

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