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23 July 2010 at 11:59 AM by John Rankin - Publish PDF version 2.2.24 released
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!!! Publish PDF library version 2.2.24 released

This release complements the Wikibook `PDF server version released on [[20100722]]. It adds the following features:

* enhance the latexpublishbook template to look for a `Group.BookHalftitleVerso or `Site.BookHalftitleVerso page; the `PDF server will print the contents on the back of the halftitle page, e.g. a list of titles also by the book's author, or other books in the series

* change the citations recipe to suppress the heading tag if the [=(:bib:)=] directive contains title=""

* improve support for `HTML entities in page [=(:title:)=] directives; in particular, the `PDF options button no longer breaks if the page title contains an entity (the squeamish should avoid reading the wikiform.php hack that fixes this)

* update the latexpmwiki and latexpmwikir skins so that they coexist with recipes that redefine $LinkFunctions['http'], such as urlapprove.php; for avoidance of doubt, if an administrator loads a recipe that redefines $LinkFunctions['http'] ''after'' loading the wikipublisher extensions, long url text will not wrap

* if a page contains a [=(:nogroupfooter:)=] directive, a `GroupPublishFooter page (added to every page of a book, multi-page article, or report) will not be included for that page

* modify the search.php script to improve compatibility with php 5 (thanks to Jan-Henrik)

Thanks to Crisses for raising these items.
Page last modified on 23 July 2010 at 11:59 AM