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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Wikibook PDF server version 1.1 beta 3 released

This version provides improved support for custom book title verso pages, documented under Front Matter. This includes a number of changes to the Wikibook DTD:

  • support for an optional “Copyright” caption
  • support for an optional “Date” caption to override the “Day of Print” string
  • support for an optional “Year” to override the current year on the copyright line
  • support for an optional “Year” caption to add a supplementary line such as “First published June 2009”
  • support for an optional ISBN, with an optional second ISBN for print and online books

It also adds support for:

  • including PDF documents attached to a wiki page
  • auto-sized halftitle page graphics
  • auto-sized centered graphic ornaments
  • option to print a bibliography after each chapter, instead of at the end of the book

These features all require the Publish PDF library version 2.2.25 (Friday, 13 August 2010).

It also includes some fixes and patches:

  • fix a bug that caused references to custom floats to break — custom floats have to be defined after loading the hyperref package and we moved the hyperref package code in version 1.0.17 (Tuesday, 2 February 2010)
  • make the default alignment of halftitle verso page text flush right, to mirror the flush left on the halftitle and title pages
  • vertical space in the list of custom floats after each chapter, to match the list of figures and list of tables
  • reduce the size of the title verso page text to “small”
  • reduce the size and adjust the width of chapter aphorisms
  • increase the hyphen penalty to reduce the incidence of hyphenation
  • remove the repeatindex package, which does not seem to work with texindy
  • refactor the wikibook.sty and wikibook-book.sty files to bring most of the book-specific definitions into one place
  • rename as so untarring in the installation directory does not accidentally overwrite an existing file
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