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Friday, 13 August 2010

Publish PDF library version 2.2.25 released

This version adds support for the Wikibook PDF server features introduced in version 1.1 beta 3 (Thursday, 12 August 2010). It provides improved support for custom book title verso pages, documented under Front Matter. This includes new arguments for the (:typeset-book:) directive:

  • support for an optional copyright="Copyright caption"
  • support for an optional date="Date caption" to override the “Day of Print” string
  • support for an optional chapterbib=on to print a bibliography after each chapter, instead of at the end of the book

It also provides new trail page text variables:

  • support for an optional (:year: 2001:) to override the current year on the copyright line
  • support for an optional (:year: 2001 "First published May 2001":) caption to add a supplementary line after the copyright line
  • support for an optional (:isbn: [=978-0-00-723020-4=]:), with an optional second ISBN for print and online books — note the ISBN is wrapped in [= … =] markup

It also adds support for:

  • including PDF documents attached to a wiki page using Attach:file-name.pdf markup
  • centered and non-floating graphic ornaments using =|Attach:image-name.ext"image caption" start of line markup
  • new book template variables for $WPLocation and $CopyrightCaptionFmt, plus a new $WPTypeset template variable
  • less vertical space used on the book titleverso page

It also includes some fixes and patches:

  • fix an obscure bug that occurred if a [[<<]] was floated right
  • fix a problem with recognising (:div:) captions introduced when PmWiki changed the behaviour of the PQA function
  • fix a problem with recognising (:div:) captions if the div was followed immediately by [@ … @] block markup
  • extend support for url discretionary hyphenation to https links
  • refactor the Site Template pages so that shared metadata settings, such as page size, are stored once and re-used for all templates

A new Book Guide provides documentation for creating and publishing books.

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