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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Wikibook PDF server version 1.1 beta 4 released

This adds an option to wrap text around figures, rather than floating them. To activate the option, add wrapfloat=on to a (:typeset:) directive. If the text contains %lframe% or %rframe% styled images, and the images have captions, the text will wrap around them. Examples:

%lframe%Attach:image-1.ext"image 1 alt text"

%rframe%Attach:image-2.ext"image 2 alt text"

The lframe style prints the image at the inside margin. The rframe option prints the image at the outside margin and spans the marginpar space. To create a wrapped figure with an empty caption, use:

%rframe%Attach:image-1.ext"image 1 alt text" |  

The “image 1 alt text” will be used in the list of figures. Without the wrapfloat=on argument, the images float as normal. This only affects framed images; lfloat and rfloat styles images float in the usual way. The LATEX Companion advises authors to apply figure wrapping only when the document is otherwise complete and optimising placement by hand.

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