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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Publish PDF version 2.2.27 and Wikibook Server version 1.1.beta-7 released

This release is likely to be the last in the 1.1 beta series, which is starting to stabilise. The Wikibook PDF server changes are cosmetic and minor:

  • refine the treatment of framed images when wrapfloat=on
  • fix a problem when a newline character is used in table cells
  • add support for “french spacing” (space=french on a typeset directive), to suppress the expanded space normally inserted after a full stop
  • support additional custom Wikibook character entities:
    • a regular space character (lets authors signal a regular space after a mid-sentence full stop)
    • an underscore character used in heading text to avoid “95” in PDF bookmarks
    • a mid-word ellipsis character that inserts equal space to left and right of …
    • grave and single quote characters to print ` and ' correctly if enclosed in [=…=]
    • a bibname entity to set “Bibliography” in the chosen language
  • add ucsection=Invercargill to print section headings in spaced all caps
  • set table of contents entries for parts in uppercase when chapterstyle=Robert
  • tidy visual markup and add support for a “sw” kind which prints sans if the surrounding text is serif and vice versa

These enhancements required the following changes to the Publish PDF library:

  • remove the patch that suppressed newline markup in table cells
  • improve support for alternate contents text for parts and chapters using trailing "…"
  • support for new character entities:
    • translate underscores in headings into the underscore entity
    • detect when … is used mid-word
    • detect when backtick-space is used after a full stop and insert a regular space (mid-sentence full stop)
    • translate backtick and single quote into character entities when used inside [=…=]
    • change citations recipe to use bibname entity in bibliography heading
  • add an option to select uppercase sections to the book template (or authors can set ucsection=on) — authors may wish to use this option with a chapterstyle that prints chapter names in upper case
  • trim leading space from part name text
  • change '@…@' markup to produce visual kind="sw"
  • add support for <= (≤), >= (≥) and /= (≠) markup

Choice of sentence spacing is a matter of convention. While use of a regular word space or an expanded space after a full stop varies from one culture to another, modern usage, at least in the English- and French-speaking worlds, favours a word space. However, by default, Wikipublisher follows the now–old-fashioned LATEX convention and uses an expanded (1em) space. The space=french typeset option replaces this with a regular word space. If the document includes one or more framed images with wrapfloat=on, the French spacing option will generally give better results and result in fewer lines with excessive white space.

If a page is set with traditional sentence spacing, mid-sentence full stops, such as after an abbreviation, have too much following space. This can be suppressed using the backtick-space markup. For example: Prof. Jones and Prof. Smith. Can you see a difference? “Prof. Smith” uses the markup to force a word space, whereas “Prof. Jones” does not. In other instances, backtick-space continues to produce a non-breaking space.

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