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10 November 2010 at 11:56 AM by John Rankin - PublishPDF version 2.2.29 and Wikibook 1.1.beta-9 released
Added line 10:
* odd and even page page margins are now precisely mirrored
09 November 2010 at 11:26 AM by John Rankin - Publish PDF 2.2.29 and Wikibook Server 1.1.beta-9 released
Added lines 1-17:
!!Publish PDF 2.2.29 and Wikibook Server 1.1.beta-9 released

This is a minor maintenance release.

The Publish `PDF library includes:
* fix paragraph spacing problem in advanced table cells
* fix problem with minus signs in wiki styles
* add Invercargill section style to templates
* add halftitle options to book template

The Wikibook `PDF server includes:
* add experimental support for poetry markup -- see Cookbook/VerseMarkup (thanks to Crisses)
* recognise kepler (kp) and timex (tx) fonts (only works if these are installed as part of Latex)
* add options to omit halftitle page or number it as i (thanks to Vito)
* fix problem when `XML language is pt (Portuguese -- thanks to Sam)
* force Index to start on a recto page after a bibliography
* trial fix to make index ragged right (thanks to Crisses)
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