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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Publish PDF 2.2.31 and Wikibook server 1.1.beta-10 released

The Publish PDF library adds support for:

  • optional publisher’s blurb pages before the halftitle page
  • “see also” index entries using [[!Y | !!X]] markup — producing “X, see also Y”
  • avoiding a problem when an index entry follows a bare URL link
  • book indexing without a separate latexbookindexed.tmpl — this has been removed
  • listing any open index page ranges at the start of the index

This release also fixes a problem when a line break [[<<]] immediately follows an image. The recent fix for a spacing problem in advanced table cells had the unexpected side-effect of breaking image followed by line break.

The Wikibook PDF server adds support for:

  • handling optional publisher’s blurb pages
  • “see also” index entries
  • “X, see Y” where the “Y” term is set in italics using [[!''Y'' | !X]] markup
  • f and ff ranges in n–m index page ranges — e.g., 42f, 54ff, 60–63
  • allowing text set ragged right to hyphenate at line breaks
  • improved treatment of centered images in letters
  • better verse title table of contents entries, if the verse is under a section or subsection heading

This release also includes the verse.sty package, as this is not necessarily present in all LATEX distributions. Its absence causes the server to fail with an error message. Thanks to Crisses for reporting this and for carrying out in depth testing of the indexing features.

The How to Produce a Book guide has been updated to reflect these improvements.

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