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Release Log: 2010-11-26

Publish PDF 2.2.32 and Wikibook server 1.1.beta-11 released

This is a minor maintenance release and is the last in the Wikibook 1.1 beta series. The outstanding indexing issues appear to be associated with xindy itself, rather than Wikipublisher — the xindy project [1] remains a work in progress. Best practice seems to be: keep indexing simple, do it the way the xindy designers intended, as documented in The LATEX Companion, and it will (probably) produce a great result. In other words, if we try to fight xindy, it will hurt and xindy will win. As part of the transition out of beta, we need to document what works and what doesn’t.

The Publish PDF library adds the following:

The Wikibook PDF server adds the following:

Thanks to Crisses for pushing the limits of xindy’s capabilities and for identifying the above improvements.

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