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Monday, 13 December 2010

Wikibook PDF server 1.1.1 released

Several months of testing the Wikibook PDF server 1.1 beta series has culminated in the release of version 1.1.1. Changes from the last beta include:

  • to suppress printing of the page number on part pages, add the following line to wikibook/local/wikibook.cfg:


  • to center the page numbers on part and chapter page footers, with a modified running header on other pages, add the following line to wikibook/local/wikibook.cfg:


  • add support for pagesize=TP to produce “trade paperback” size books (6″ × 9″)
  • add a new chapterstyle=Kate that produces flush-right part and chapter headings
  • add support for multi-part poems — see The Lady of Shalott; the part heading could also be used as a poem subtitle
  • use a separate page numbering scheme for the publisher’s blurb, to prevent a LATEX “duplicate label” warning message
  • cosmetic improvements to the bibliography layout

Thanks to Crisses for ongoing index testing and various other suggestions.

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