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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Publish PDF library version 2.2.33 released

This is a maintenance release to align the library with the Wikibook server 1.1 series. Changes include:

  • provide a new $WPLinkTextFmt variable, used in $WPUrlLinkTextFmt, $AnchorLinkFmt and $PgAnchorLinkFmt
    • to suppress slanted link text, set $WPLinkTextFmt = ‘$LinkText’ before loading the wikipublisher extensions
  • extend stdmarkup.php to treat pdf attachments at the start of a line as insertions instead of images
  • add support for TP (trade paperback) pagesize, Kate chapterstyle, and additional book headingcolor options
  • improve treatment of space characters before and after index categories
  • lists of references now all include an id (anchor), to support the Consolidated Bibliographies recipe
  • change wikibook.php to avoid using Page Text Variables (E: I: K: and V: line markup)
  • change citations to use RE!: instead of REF: (avoid PTV again)
  • fix a url format bug in wikipublisher.php
  • fix an anchor bug in latex/citations.php

A minor change was accidentally omitted from Wikibook server version 1.1.1, for display of the LATEX and TEX entities. This has been rectified and released as version 1.1.2.

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