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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Publish PDF library 2.2.34 and Wikibook PDF server 1.1.3 released

The focus of this release is to enhance book metadata support, including extensible metadata:

  • provide a (:bookmetadata:) directive for form-based editing of PTV used to set descriptive metadata
  • the (:bookmetadata PageName:) variant displays the descriptive metadata values defined on PageName
  • support a local wiki customisation variable $TbookCustomMetadata so an administrator can extend the metadata model (thanks to Vito)
  • support a local wikibook-book.cfg file on the PDF server to use custom metadata names, e.g. by redefining the title page layout
  • provide documentation for using extensible metadata at Customisation

The release also includes a couple of minor enhancements:

  • accept id=refID "Table caption text" — note the space after refID — in (:table:) directives (thanks to Jeff)
  • insert a blank PDF page at the end of a book (duplex printing only)
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