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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Publish PDF 2.2.36 and Wikibook Server 1.1.6 released

This release extends book layout capabilities and fixes some minor bugs. Many of the new features are used in A Narrative of Nine Months in New Zealand.

Wikibook server

Add support for:

  • printing an image as a “frontispiece” (on the verso page facing the title page)
  • double em dash markup, used to “hide” someone’s name; e.g., K——
  • automatically truncating long running header text (book and chapter titles) to prevent line wrapping
  • div class=multicol to print a block of text in 1, 2 or 3 columns, depending on the value of cfloatcols (thanks to Peter)
  • printing a full-width horizontal rule (thanks to Peter)
  • modifying the behaviour of bookmarks=autonumbered to limit the table of contents to the depth set with autonumber (thanks to Peter)1

Publish PDF library

Add support for:

  • interpreting the graphics book metadata element as a frontispiece if the image has alt text or a caption
  • handling 4 hyphens as a double em dash
  • better display of Part and unPart prefixes in book trail headings
  • setting $WPhrStyle = 'rule'; in local/config.php before loading the wikipublisher extensions to produce a full-width rule
  • using HTML entities in the description directive
  • [[page name"title text" | link text]] using title text as the table of contents entry and link text as the page title; support for this requires a change to pmwiki/scripts/trails.php to remove a piece of redundant code that causes this feature to break trail markup (will be in a future pmwiki release)

Bug fixes:

  • invalid use of wikistyles markup no longer triggers an infinite loop when generating Wikibook XML (thanks to Jeff)
  • restore a change made in 2.2.34 that stopped citations markup from loading automatically when generating Wikibook XML (thanks to Vito)
  • add a call to “stripmagic” to remove backslash \ characters added to single quotes in titles

1 This has the side-effect of breaking table and figure lists if autonumber < 2. For this special case, authors can use bookmarks=chapters. (↑)

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