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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wikibook PDF server version 1.1.7 released

This release adds several new features:

  • support for a glossary of terms in articles, reports and books (requires Publish PDF library version 2.2.37)
  • new book chapter styles “Christa” and “Alison”
  • a new book cover style “fanciest” (does what it says on the tin and plays well with Christa — thanks to Hugh for the design)
  • part-like chapters (behaves like a chapter, looks like an unnumbered part — requires Publish PDF library version 2.2.37)

It also fixes some long-standing bugs:

  • prevent LATEX from failing if a book has no sub-title (thanks to Janina for reporting this)
  • clicking on references to paragraph level anchors now goes to the correct location (thanks to Jeff for his patience)
  • avoid extra spacing between entries in bibliographies and other manually spaced paragraphs when the last line of a paragraph is full

There is also limited support for sans serif fonts for book body text (thanks to Vito for pointing this out). However, at the moment, this doesn’t carry through to floating tables and divs, marginal notes, and footnotes. While sans serif has become fashionable for printed body text, some people see this as evidence that civilization is in terminal decline.

When would we use a part-like chapter? Some books have only a few, very long chapters. Authors may prefer to make a more dramatic break between chapters than that which a normal chapter style offers. The “part” chapter kind inserts an unnumbered part, rather than a chapter.

This release also includes a copy of the GNU Affero GPL licence to cover uses of the Wikibook PDF server for public hosting.

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