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Monday, 31 October 2011

Publish PDF library version 2.2.37 released

The main feature of this release is to add support for Glossary Markup. This lets authors share a glossary page (one per PmWiki group) and automatically generates a glossary at the end of each page. It also generates a full glossary at the back of a book. The glossary is automatically sorted and includes only the terms referenced in the document.

The release also makes some other minor enhancements:

  • support for a “part” chapter kind, which makes a chapter behave like an unnumbered part (thanks to Hugh for the suggestion)
  • modify the wiki forms processor to support field “prompt” text that is different from the saved page’s “term” text (thanks to Peter for the suggestion)
  • let authors use author=“Some Name” in a (:typeset-book:) directive, instead of subtitle=“Some Name” (thanks to Crisses, although she may not remember suggesting it)
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