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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wikibook PDF server version 1.1.9 released

This release improves support for local book layout customisation:

  • check the style attribute for the url of a sty file on the <book> and <article> elements
  • refactor the code in wikibook-book.sty to make it easier to redefine book layout in an external sty file
  • add support for coloured chapter headings in the Robyn style
  • add trim metadata option—trim=on prints trimming marks and trim=layout prints page layout details
  • add dottedtoc metadata option—dottedtoc=off generates table of contents with page numbers ragged right
  • bodystyle=sans now sets (almost) everything in a sans serif font
  • add headingcolor=Medium for grey titles and chapter headings
  • $CurrentTime = “ ” (zero-length string) now suppresses “Day of print” on the book legal page

This release also turns off hyperlinks for page numbers in book indexes. Further investigation is needed into the interaction between hyperref and texindy—there is a fix, but the server needs a way to work out whether to apply it. Meanwhile, book indexes generate correctly, but the page numbers are not clickable.

Sites with local wikibook.cfg or wikibook-book.cfg files should test this release carefully—everything should still work, but refactoring wikibook-book.sty may have unanticipated side-effects. The load sequence is:

  • Wikipublisher defaults
  • local (site-specific) cfg file over-rides
  • book-specific sty file over-rides

As yet, there is no documentation for how to use custom sty files.

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