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25 April 2012 at 07:20 PM by John Rankin - Publish PDF 2.2.39 released with docbook support
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!! Publish PDF version 2.2.39 released

This is a minor maintenance release to test support for various PressBooks requirements:

* adds the ability to request `DocBook `XML output from a Wikibook `PDF server
** add [=$EnableDocBook = true;=] to local/config.php
** this adds a "docbook" button to the Wikipublisher download page

* modifies the latexprint and latexpublish skins to support custom Latex sty files
** add [=$UploadExts['sty'] = 'text/plain';=] to local/config.php
** use [=(:style:Attach:<style-file-name>.sty:)=] on a report trail page
** sample book style files are available on [[PressBooks/Harvard]] and [[PressBooks/China]]

* adds some new typesetting options
** an imagesize=wide option, allowing wide images to span the marginpar space
** a cfloatstyle=shaded option, for a custom float with a light grey background
** a [=short="Short Title"=] book typesetting option, for use in running headers

A complementary Wikibook `PDF server version will be released shortly, once wikibook --> `DocBook testing is complete.
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