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Monday, 11 June 2012

Wikibook PDF server version 1.1.12 released

The new release supports richer, more flexible book design and output:

  • support transforming Wikibook XML to and download of DocBook XML; the download includes copies of any image references
  • add support for chapter subtitles, authors and endnotes (i.e., print footnotes as chapter endnotes)
  • add a new section style, Rotorua, suitable for use with centered chapter styles
  • add a caption attribute to the <publisher> tag, for the publisher’s city on title and title verso pages (the previous use of <keywords> for the city will continue to work)
  • add extra vertical space after a <blockquote> used to open a chapter (for cases where <aphorism> is not suitable)
  • add more ways to modify default presentation styles in a local LATEX sty file

Thanks to PressBooks for the impetus for these features, which are needed to support the Fortress book style. DocBook output is still a work-in-progress; in particular, it currently does not support chapter subtitles and authors.

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