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Print options for Site: Include Template

These are the common options available to writers and readers for controlling the look of all documents.

Page settings

format output format (hide makepdf) -
Page size
pagesize ISO or US standard (*A4;A5;US| US letter;HU| Half US;TP| Trade paperback) +
duplex format pages to print 2 sided (*check on) +
watermark appears on every page (|[none], draft, exposure draft, confidential, sample) +

General settings

Heading style
headingstyle font style for section heading text (*sans;serif) +
Body style
bodystyle font style for body text (sans;*serif) +
Font set
fontset predefined collections of sans and serif fonts (*pslatex|times, default|computer modern, newcent|new century, palatino|palatino, palatcm|palatino modern, fourier|utopia) +
Heading colour
headingcolor colour used for section heading text (*| None, Aquamarine, Bittersweet, BlueViolet, Cerulean, BrickRed, DarkOrchid, ForestGreen, MidnightBlue, NavyBlue, OliveGreen, Periwinkle, PineGreen, Plum, RawSienna, RedOrange, RoyalBlue, RoyalPurple, Sepia, Violet, WildStrawberry) +
Colour links
colorlinks use colour to denote hyperlinks (check on) +
Urls typewriter-style
urlstyle use typewriter font for url text (*check on) +

These are options available to writers and readers for controlling the look of a single typeset page that includes a wiki trail.

Document settings

ptype publish type (hide include) -
surtitle optional strapline appears above header (“$Groupspaced”)
title appears as a heading and in page header (“$Title”)
subtitle appears as a heading and in page footer (“Pages from the $WikiTitle”)
Cover page
cover add cover or title page (check on) +
marginshift use wide outside margins (check on) +

Section settings

Autonumber depth
autonumber depth of numbered sections (2| subsections;1| sections;*0| off) +
Table of contents
toc turn bookmarks into table of contents (check on) +
Sections on new page
sectionnewpage major sections start a new page (check on) +
Section style
ucsection style for heading text of major sections (*off| [default], Auckland, Hamilton, Levin, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill) +

Text settings

Paragraph separator
parasep separation between paragraphs (*indent;space) +
justification text justified or ragged right (*check on) +
Rule style
hrstyle style for horizontal rules (*105|clover cross, 150|sparkle cross, 166|diamond cross, 121|bold asterisk, 122|open asterisk, 133|petal asterisk, 134|open petal asterisk, 140|five petal flower, 144|snowflake, 246|aldus leaf, 247|hedera leaf, 040|space, asterisk) +
Rule style repeat
hrrepeat repeat horizontal rule character (check on) +
Text size
fontsize font size for body text and headings (10pt| small;*11pt| regular;12pt| large;14pt| larger;2col| 2 column) +
Include trail page
include use trail page as a contents list (check include) -

These are the options that control how floating objects display.

Float settings

Image size
imagesize make all images smaller (*regular;small;sidecaps|side captions;rotate|allow rotation) +
Allow floats here
floathere place floats at the current position if possible (figures;tables;cfloats|custom floats;on|all floats;*off) +
Custom float style
cfloatstyle style used to format custom floats (boxed;ruled;plain;*plaintop|shaded) +
Custom float name
cfloatname name used to label custom floats (hide *$CfloatName) +
Custom float columns
cfloatcols number of columns in custom floats (*|1;2;3) +

The reader’s choices override the writer’s. A + indicates that this is a default unless over-ridden.

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