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15 January 2012 at 05:15 PM by John Rankin - add custom style file option
Added lines 42-44:

:Style file :style (attach sty)
::Custom book style file
12 January 2011 at 12:04 PM by John Rankin - clarify blurb default
Changed line 19 from:
::Blurb page and title (defaults to {$Group}.PublisherBlurb "Praise for")
::Blurb page and title (defaults to {$Group}.PublisherBlurb and "Praise for" followed by the Title)
06 January 2011 at 09:54 AM by John Rankin - form to edit metadata on book trail page
Added lines 1-45:
!!Editing book metadata for [[{*$FullName} | {*$Group}: {*$Name}]]

!!! Page variables




!!!Page text variables


::Prints on the halftitle page

:Blurb:blurb (caption)
::Blurb page and title (defaults to {$Group}.PublisherBlurb "Praise for")

:About:about (text=5)
::About the author, prints above the publisher blurb


:Epigraph:epigraph (text=5)
::Prints after the title page

:ISBN:isbn (caption)
::Prints on the title verso page

:Year:year (caption)
::Prints on the title verso page (defaults to the current year)

:Rights:rights (*cc|some rights reserved, none|all rights reserved, gfdl|GNU free documentation licence, cc by|attribution, cc by-sa|attribution share-alike, cc by-nd|attribution no derivatives, cc by-nc|attribution non-commercial, cc by-nc-sa|attribution non-commercial share-alike, cc by-nc-nd|attribution non-commercial no derivatives)

:Rights caption:rightscaption (=32)
::Prints on the title verso page and caption overrides cc rights (defaults to some rights reserved, no caption)

:Custom float:cfloat (caption)
::Label for custom floats (defaults to Excerpt "List of Excerpts")

:Summary:csum (hide book metadata settings)

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