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Duplex: Switch between single- and double-sided printing

Wikipublisher’s default format is for double-sided printing, with mirrored odd and even pages. How do I switch that off?

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When going from web pages to print, we need to make some decisions about how to present the print document. For example:

  • is the printer duplex (print on both sides of the paper); if so, we need to mirror headers and footers on odd and even pages, and we may wish to start each major section on an odd page
  • what size is the paper (the most common being A4, i.e. 210×297 mm, and US letter, i.e. 8½″ by 11″)
  • do we want to separate paragraphs with vertical space or by indenting the first line of text

Wikipublisher supports a set of print metadata elements to control these and other settings. Readers can control the values of the various settings by pressing the PDF options button. Authors can set the value for a particular page by adding a metadata qualifier to a (:typeset:) directive. On this page, duplex=off.


PDF settings (show)

When duplex=on, it is common for authors to set sectionnewpage=off. Otherwise, the print output can include too many blank pages, especially if the pages are short. By default, Wikipublisher follows the convention that new sections always start on a recto (right hand) page. As a result, the preceding verso (left hand) page is often blank.

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