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Citation: Cite references from a bibliography

How do I link to an item in a bibliography? What options are there for controlling how the link text appears?

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Wikipublisher provides 2 markup rules: cite is inline markup for referencing a citation; and bib (introduced in Tip of the Week 00002) is block markup for defining a list of citations. They work like this (re-using the bib list we defined before).

    In cite(Morville:2005), we learn that finding things is useful.

    (:bib page=TipOfTheWeek.00002:)


This produces:

In Morville:2005(?), we learn that finding things is useful.1

In the above markup clip, we are able to cite a book described on another page, by using the page=… option to bring that page’s citation list into the current page. A word on terminology… A citation is a reference to a published item with sufficient detail to identify the item uniquely. The cite markup provides a reference from the body of the text to the citation in the bibliography; the citation provides a reference from the bibliography to the source. A bibliography is sometimes called a “list of references”.

On this page, the list of references includes only those items cited on the page. For many uses, cite(key) is all the writer needs. However, the cite markup also offers a number of ways to vary the form of the body reference. For example:

As far as we can determine, the wiki citation feature is unique to Wikipublisher.


1 Unfortunately, the (:markup:) block markup is not fully compatible with (:bib:) markup. This is a side-effect of the way PmWiki evaluates (:markup:) blocks. (↑)

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