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Book: Publish a page collection with the Wikipublisher Book class

How do I publish a properly formatted book, spanning multiple wiki pages?

A 15th century printing press

The (:typeset-book:) directive turns a trail into a book. The differences between a book and a report are:

  • a book includes a cover page before the title page
  • a book is divided into chapters, each of which starts on a new page, whereas a report is divided into sections
  • a book may include unnumbered material before the table of contents, such as a preface or acknowledgments
  • a book may include one or more numbered appendices
  • a report may include the trail page text before the contents, whereas books always omit the trail page

The book template has 7 pre-defined chapter styles, from the plain to the fancy. A chapter can also include an optional aphorism, printed in the white space above and to the right of the chapter heading. Wikipublisher identifies aphorism text by re-interpreting the :term:definition line markup. Here is an example for chapters called “Innovation” and “Planning”. The term is the chapter heading and must be a link to a wiki page;1 the definition is the aphorism text. The second aphorism in attributed.

  :[[Innovation]]:Innovation never happens as planned.

  :[[Planning]]:Our plans were perfect, it's just our 
  assumptions were wrong. -- Ken Olsen

Wikipublisher treats the following special chapter names as unnumbered elements: Preface, Introduction, Acknowledgments, and Colophon.2 The corresponding wiki pages may be called by other names, in which case the author can use link text to re-define the page name. For example: [[Background | Introduction]] maps the page named “Background” to become the book’s “Introduction”. The Preface prints before the table of contents; other special chapter names print in the order listed in the trail.

For wikis in languages other than English, an administrator can define an array called $ChapterKindFmt to provide translations for the unnumbered chapter types. Authors can then use the local language names in their chapter link texts. For example, an administrator may prefer to define:

   $ChapterKindFmt[2] = 'Acknowledgements';

If the link text of a first level list item starts with Appendix, that item and any subsequent items are treated as appendices and numbered Appendix A, B, …

Finally, if the book trail page contains a (:description:) directive, the contents are printed on the book’s title page.


1 The wiki page may or may not exist. (↑)

2 Version 2.1.11 adds Prologue and Epilogue. (↑)

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