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Appendix: Turn selected pages into appendices

I am typesetting a trail and want some of the trail pages to be treated as appendices to the main work. How do I do that?

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In last week’s Book tip we saw how to generate one or more appendices, by starting a trail list item name with the keyword “Appendix”:

    * AppendixPage

A similar feature is available for the (:typeset:) and (:typeset-trail:) directives. If the link text of a first level trail list item starts with “Appendix” as in the example above, that item and all subsequent items will be treated as unnumbered appendices to the document. The appendix keyword can also be specified in the link text:

    * [[SomePage | Appendix: title text]]

The book class explicitly recognises an appendix XML element as part of the document type and hence Wikipublisher will automatically number any appendices. On the other hand, the article and report classes do not define an appendix element. As a result, Wikipublisher generates items tagged as appendices using unnumbered sections. Any subsection or lower headings within each appendix are also unnumbered.

An author may choose to number appendices to an article or report manually, of course:

    * AppendixA
    * AppendixB

When an author wishes to number appendices, the most flexible approach is to use link text rather than embedding the number in the page name. That way, the same page can be published as part of more than one trail if desired.

Appendices are automatically included in the table of contents.

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