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Divisions: How Wikipublisher processes div markup

Floating images and tables are useful, but how do I take a block of regular text out of the main flow?

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PmWiki provides a (:div:) … (:divend:) markup block to denote the start and end of an HTML <div>. We often use this feature to apply a special style to a block of text. Wikipublisher takes advantage of this to treat some div blocks as “custom floats” in the typeset version of the page. This gives authors a way to label and separate a block of text from the main flow, like a sidebar. The typical use is for “asides” — explanatory material read in conjunction with, but not as part of, the main body.

A div with a caption will floatThe typesetting rule is the same as for images and simple tables: if the div block has a caption, it floats and the following text flows around it. This is an aside illustrates this — to see how it’s done, look at the page source. We use the same syntax as for tables and add id=uniqueLabel"Caption text" to the div directive. Authors can reference a div block using the DIV(uniqueLabel) syntax. The Div(uniqueLabel) variant is also supported.

This is an aside

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4 float styles are availableAuthors have a choice of 4 styles for floating text blocks, controlled through the cfloatstyle metadata type:

  • boxed — caption below, float to the top
  • ruled — caption above, float to the bottom
  • plain — caption below, float to the top
  • shaded — caption above, float to the bottom

Wikipublisher uses shaded as the default, which puts a grey rule between the caption and the float text body. To try the others, press the “options” button and look under “Float settings” for “Custom float style”. When typesetting a trail, authors can include a list of custom floats in the front matter by setting cfloatlist type to on.

Reference advanced tablesAs a side-benefit of adding support for labelled text blocks, authors can now use the same id=label"caption text" technique to add a caption to an advanced (:table:) directive. Authors can then use TAB(label) to reference the table.

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