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Horizontal rule: Change the rule style

What options are there for setting the presentation style of a horizontal rule?

Well and Bucket in the form of a capital A

The horizontal rule (<hr> tag) is normally a blunt instrument. To make it more useful, Wikipublisher lets authors and administrators interpret horizontal rule markup (----) in a number of ways:

  • as a rule
  • as an ornament (sometimes called a fleuron)
  • as a vertical space

Try different rule settings. Press the “options” button and look under Text settings for Rule style and Rule style repeat.

By default, the PDF generates a single centred ornament.

Authors can use the hrstyle metadata type to set the ornament, shown in A selection of ornaments. The numeric values were chosen from the Zapf Dingbats font; see Mittelbach and Goossens (2004, Table 7.9: p 379). Choosing the “space” style omits the ornament and inserts a vertical space. Administrators can also replace the ornament with a rule, by setting $WPhrStyle = 'solid'; in local/config.php, before loading the Wikipublisher extensions.

Use valueTo produce
105clover cross
150sparkle cross
166diamond cross
121bold asterisk
122open asterisk
133petal asterisk
134open petal asterisk
140five petal flower
246aldus leaf
247hedera leaf

The hrrepeat meta type determines whether Wikipublisher produces 1 or 3 ornaments. The default is 1; authors can set hrrepeat=on to produce a row of 3. Regardless of the rule style used, the paragraph after the rule starts flush left, i.e. without the usual 1 em indent.

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