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Tip of the Week: 00032

Arcana: List items with sub-paragraphs: item continuation lines

From time to time, I want to include one or more indented paragraphs within a list of items.

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There are 2 ways to accomplish this: with PmWiki whitespace markup or by using a special Wikipublisher extension.

  1. This is the PmWiki method
    This paragraph is treated as a pseudo sub-paragraph within the item, by using a break and 2 space start-of-line indent.
  2. This is the Wikipublisher method

    This paragraph is treated as a true sub-paragraph, by using an end-of-line :+ “continuation” markup.

This is just a regular text paragraph. The :+ paragraph continuation markup also works with definition lists.

First part of definition.
Second part of definition.

Return to normal text. We can also use :+ continuation markup in a regular paragraph.
     Like this one. It creates a “pseudo-indent” and is probably gratuitous.

Alert readers will be wondering how it is possible to include a definition list in a page controlled by a wiki form, since the wiki form markup uses definition lists to identify the fields making up the form. Why isn’t the page display getting confused and interpreting “term” as a field designator? This is another use of the invisible stop markup (Tip 00020). By starting the line with `. the definition list markup is passed over when the wiki forms script runs, then the invisible stop is removed before processing the list.

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