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Table column heads: Treat the first row of a table as a heading row

How does Wikipublisher recognise and process table column headings?

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In Tip 00018, we described how Wikipublisher processes table markup. This tip looks in more detail at how it handles column headings, which give tables a more professional appearance.

Example of a table with headings
Heading 1Heading 2
first row, first columnfirst row, second column
second row, first columnsecond row, second column

In Sample table with headings, both columns in the first row use the PmWiki heading markup for simple tables?. Wikipublisher detects this and treats the row as a table heading. This has 2 effects:

  • it inserts a hair rule after the heading row (thinner than the top and bottom rules)
  • if class=long, the heading and rule are printed on each page as a running head

If some of the cells in the first row contain normal text, Wikipublisher treats it as a regular row. Sometimes, we want to leave one or more cells in the first row blank — for example, the first cell when the first column contains row headings. If the empty cells contain a non-breaking space (backtick-space) and other cells contain headings, Wikipublisher treats the row as a heading row.

The PmWiki markup for advanced tables? does not support heading cells explicitly. However, Wikipublisher treats the following first row markup as if it were a heading (the text must use the strong markup and must be on the same line as the (:cell:) directive):

    (:cellnr:)'''Heading1 text'''
    (:cell:)'''Heading2 text'''

If the advanced table crosses a page boundary, the first row becomes a running head. This is the only visible effect; in contrast to simple tables, Wikipublisher prints a hair rule between all rows of an advanced table.

Currently, Wikipublisher does not support multi-row headings for either simple or advanced tables.

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