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Skin options: Modify a PmWiki skin to support Wikipublisher

What issues do I need to consider when using Wikipublisher with my preferred skin template?

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One of the PmWiki strengths is its chameleon-like nature — an administrator can use Skins to control how the wiki displays pages. This tip describes Wikipublisher features that let an administrator customize a skin so people can publish selected search results in printable form.

Skin search box.

The default PmWiki search box returns a list of pages matching the search string, organized by group. Wikipublisher enhances this by turning the search results into a form, with a check box against each page. The reader can navigate to pages of interest as usual, or select one or more pages for typesetting. To disable the search publishing option, add the following line to local/config.php after loading the Wikipublisher extensions:

    $PublishSearch = false;

Page backlinks.

“Backlinks” are pages that link to the current page. Many wikis use the convention that clicking on the title of a page returns a list of backlinks. Wikipublisher provides a backlinks action to support this feature. The default PmWiki template defines the page title as:

    <h1 class='pagetitle'>{$Title}</h1>

To enable backlinks, change this to read:

    <h1 class='pagetitle'><a title='$[Pages that link here]' 

Page links.

The complement to “backlinks” is “links” — pages to which the current page links. Wikipublisher provides a links action to support this feature, as part of page rename capability. An administrator may wish to add a links action to the template page footer:

    <a href='{$PageUrl}?action=links'>$[Links]</a>

This feature uses the “duck test” to find links on the page: if it looks like a wiki link, makes a valid page name, and a page of that name exists, then it’s probably a link.

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