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PDF icon: How to control placement of the PDF icon

I don’t necessarily want a PDF icon on every page. How do we control this?

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By default, Wikipublisher places a PDF document icon for typesetting individual pages at the top right of every page. By clicking the icon, a reader can request a typeset version of the current page. The icon is inserted only for the browse (view) action. It achieves this by redefining the $HTMLBrowseFmt array, rather than (for example) adding it to the group header. This should work with any skin.

An administrator can suppress this in the local/config.php file (or in a local/Group.php file) by setting:

    $PageTypesetFmt = '';

An author can then add a (:typeset-page:) directive to individual pages as needed.

An options button accompanies the PDF icon, giving readers control over various PDF display characteristics. Another approach, some may say a better approach, would have been to put the options button on the PDF download page. This would simplify the user experience and perhaps reduce the risk of confusion. However, in this case software engineering expediency won out over interface design practice. It is a lot easier to associate a PDF options button with each typesetting request than to put it on the download page. It is quite hard to track back from the download page to determine the nature of the request and hence which options to offer.

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