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Citation: Controlling the content of citation link text

Cite markup creates an Author (year) link. What if I want just the author, or just the year, or no brackets?

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An author can choose from a panoply of options for changing the text of a citation link. We start with a simple example, using the bibliography from Tip 00002.

In cite(Morville:2005), we learn how to swim in the information ocean.
(:bib page=TipOfTheWeek.00002:)


In Morville:2005(?), we learn how to swim in the information ocean.

The general format for a reference is cite<option>(<key>). Options [Pp] control parenthesis use and [Tt] control text display, shown in Modifiers control parentheses and text. A common variant is citeP to produce parenthetical references: (Morville:2005(?)).

Modifiers control parentheses and text

* cite(Morville:2005) text and year

* citep(Morville:2005) no parentheses
* citeP(Morville:2005) outer parentheses

* citet(Morville:2005) suppress text
* citeT(Morville:2005) text only

Each modifier can take a “-” (hyphen) qualifier. This varies the modified behaviour, shown in Modifiers can be qualified.

Modifiers can be qualified

* cite-(Morville:2005) suppress text and year

* cite-p(Morville:2005) suppress text and year, no parentheses
* cite-P(Morville:2005) no outer parentheses

* cite-t(Morville:2005) suppress text, no parentheses
* cite-T(Morville:2005) text only, parentheses

An author can add prefix and suffix text. The general format is cite("<prefix>" <key> "<suffix>") and this can also include modifiers, shown in Prefix and suffix text.

Prefix and suffix text

* cite("see" Morville:2005)
* cite(Morville:2005 "p 2")
* cite("see" Morville:2005 "p 2")

* citep("see" Morville:2005)
* citeP(Morville:2005 "p 2")

* citet(Morville:2005 "p 2")
* citeT("see" Morville:2005)

The hyphen qualifier works here too, shown in Qualified prefixes and suffixes.

Qualified prefixes and suffixes

* cite-("priv. comm." Morville:2005) -- replace text and year

* cite-p("priv. comm." Morville:2005) -- link is no longer empty
* cite-P(Morville:2005 "p 2")

* cite-t(Morville:2005 "p 2")
* cite-T("see" Morville:2005)

Finally, we sometimes need a possessive reference, shown in Possessive references.

Possessive references

* cite(Morville:2005)'s book on findability
* citeT(Morville:2005)'s book

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