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Authentication: Using Wikipublisher with PmWiki:AuthUser

What changes do I have to make to my wiki to ensure that the remote Wikipublisher server can work?

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This tip needs more data about what happens when AuthUser is activated. As of the Wikipublisher 2.2.7 release (see Sunday, 2 November 2008), there is an option to add IP-based authentication to the SiteAdmin.AuthUser page. Just add the following line to that page:

   ip: wikibook ip.of.pdf.server

If the username is “wikibook” (Wikipublisher’s default setting if AuthUser is enabled), and the request comes from the designated IP address, the request will be authorised. A big thank you to Eemeli Aro for suggesting how to implement this solution.

Alternatively, try adding the following to local/config.php:

# Automatically assign a username and password 
if ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == 'ip.of.pdf.server') { 
    $_POST['authid']   = 'wpuser'; 
    $_POST['authpw'] = 'wppassword'; 


This detects incoming requests from the IP address of the Wikibook PDF server and sets a username and password. Of course, you have to define wpuser and wppassword as a valid user name and password pair on the SiteAdmin.AuthUser page of scholarship essay, more info!

If you are using the Wikibook PDF server on the Wikipublisher site, use the IP address of the proxy server, which is

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