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Templates: How do I change the metadata settings for a group?

I want to change various default metadata settings for a single group. What exactly do I have to do to achieve this?

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As an example, suppose we wish to change the default print settings for prints of individual pages. The Site.Print Template page controls these. What we need to do is create a Print Template page in the current group.

Comparing these 2 pages, we see that for this group:

  • colour links are set to “on”
  • urls typewriter-style is set to “on”
  • image size is set to “side captions”

By default, links will be coloured, url text will print in a typewriter font, and images will have side captions.

From time to time, Wikipublisher adds new print metadata options. As a result, a software release may include new versions of one or more Site.*Template pages. For example, version 2.2.9 adds urls typewriter-style and cover page options. To take advantage of any such new options in a group with one or more metadata templates, an author will need to edit each group template page. In other words, group template pages replace the corresponding Site template pages.

In addition to a Print Template, this group also has a Search Template.

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