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Templates: How do I change the metadata settings for the entire site?

I want to change various default metadata settings for the entire wiki site. What exactly do I have to do to achieve this?

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As an example, suppose we wish to change the default print settings for all prints of individual pages. The Site.Print Template page controls these. What we need to do is edit this page in the Site group.

Editing the site-wide print settings templates is safe.

Wikipublisher ships template pages in its own private wikilib.d directory, in the cookbook/wikipublisher directory. When an administrator edits one of the template pages, PmWiki writes the modified page back to the site’s wiki.d directory, without affecting the original file.

To change settings site-wide to control the printing of individual pages, simply edit Site.Print Template, make the changes, and save the page. Typical side-wide changes include turning off duplex layout, changing the paper size, or changing the default fontset.

To revert to the default settings, edit the template page, replace the entire text with PmWiki’s delete keyword, and save the page. For example, this will be required if the site wishes to take advantage of new print metadata options introduced from time to time. Once the edited page is deleted, PmWiki will revert to using the original in the wikipublisher/wikilib.d directory.

There is a separate template page controlling the print settings for each typesetting action: Site.Print Template, Site.Include Template, Site.Publish Template, Site.Book Template, Site.Page List Template, Site.Search Template, Site.Letter Template, Site.Calendar Template. For consistency, administrators will probably wish to apply the same changes to all templates.

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