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Two column images: Image handling in two column documents

How does Wikipublisher handle images when a reader requests a 2 column document?

Birds used in an ornamental chapter head

One of the options for typesetting articles is to request 2 column output, using the fontsize=2col print metadata setting. We generally choose 2 column output when space is at a premium — the smaller font size typically reduces a 10 page document to about 6 pages. Tip 00013 describes how Wikipublisher normally handles images. What happens when we request a 2 column document?

Wikipublisher works out whether the image should fit in column or span both columns. It examines the width of the image and if this is narrower than a certain size, it shrinks the image to fit and floats it to the bottom of the current column or the top of the next column. Wider images are shrunk to be between one and 2 column widths and floated to the top of the next page.

LATEX requires floating images which span both columns to be placed at the top a page; bottom floats are handled poorly, generally producing undesirable results. Wikipublisher automatically inserts the correct float instructions for both single column and 2 column images. In other words, it should just work.

Finally, if the reader requests side captions, all images automatically span both columns.

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