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This page demonstrates the ability of Wikipublisher to handle the Unicode representations of common European accented characters. The corresponding hexadecimal code is shown after each character.

Test of prime marks in pdf: 6′ 4″.

Test accents in a heading: , , , ,

Test of Unicode umlaut marks in pdf: , , , , and , , , , .

Test of all accented characters; first series (c0–cf): (c0), (c1), (c2), (c3), (c4), (c5), (c6), (c7), (c8), (c9), (ca), (cb), (cc), (cd), (ce), (cf)

Second series (d0–d6; d8–df): (d0), (d1), (d2), (d3), (d4), (d5), (d6), (d8), (d9), (da), (db), (dc), (dd), (de), (df)

Third series (e0–ef): (e0), (e1), (e2), (e3), (e4), (e5), (e6), (e7), (e8), (e9), (ea), (eb), (ec), (ed), (ee), (ef)

Fourth series (f0–f6; f8–ff): (f0), (f1), (f2), (f3), (f4), (f5), (f6), (f8), (f9), (fa), (fb), (fc), (fd), (fe), (ff)

But does this work: Strae?

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