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Wikipublisher composes pages by re-interpreting wiki markup for print in place of the web. Just as PmWiki applies the selected web template (skin and accompanying style sheet) to compose a web page, so Wikipublisher applies a suitable print template to compose a print document. Typesetting features include:

  • choose from a range of document classes to generate an article, report, book, or letter
  • generate a cover page, summary page (optional), table of contents page, list of tables (optional), and list of figures (optional)
  • turn intra-document page links into page number references
  • autonumber page headings based on trail page hierarchy depth (optional)
  • turn headings into nested PDF bookmarks
  • handle table column width and cell text wrap and alignment automatically
  • substitute high resolution print images for low resolution web images, if available
  • show links to external sites, such as PmWiki, as page footnotes
  • reformat tool tips, such as TINFL, as parenthesised text
  • hide or omit web-oriented constructs, such as revision marks, in the print version
  • lay out pages for duplex printing — mirrored odd and even page headers and footers (optional)
  • sticky notes become marginal notes Form follows function
  • widow1 and orphan2 control and headings always kept with their following paragraphs
  • support a wide range of formatting options, including emphasis, monospaced and coloured text
  • one-click reader control over various composition options, such as font style, watermark, and when to start a new page, with an options form
  • visually-impaired readers can choose a large print option

While document composition is automatic and the markup translation guarantees consistent output, authors still need to proofread the printed results to check that the output is suitable and correct.

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1 a widow is when the last line of a paragraph falls at the top of a page or the last word of a paragraph falls on a line by itself (↑)

2 an orphan is when the first line of a paragraph falls at the bottom of a page (↑)

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