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Wikipublisher includes a wikilib.d/ directory containing Site templates for all the forms used to control the way pages are composed for print. These are installed automatically and do not affect either the wiki.d/ or PmWiki wikilib.d/ directories. The form templates define layout metadata used by the typesetting engine. They are used to:

There are 6 template pages:

  1. Site.Print Template defines options for typesetting a single wiki page
  2. Site.Publish Template defines options for the (:typeset:) directive
  3. Site.Search Template defines options for typesetting search results
  4. Site.Calendar Template defines options for typesetting (:wikilog:) entries
  5. Site.Wikipublisher defines the page through which a reader confirms all typesetting requests
  6. Site.Wikipublisher Error defines the page displayed if wikipublisher encounters an error

An administrator may set up group print, publish, search or calendar templates. The settings in a group template over-ride those in the Site template. An administrator may also edit the site templates, for example to translate the field prompts and setting options into a language other than English.

The template syntax for a form element uses an extension of the definition list markup:

Prompt text
variable tool tip text (settings) [±]

Do not change the variable name! Do not change the + or - at the end of the line!

When changing the language of radio button settings, the administrator must preserve the metadata value passed to the typesetting engine. For example, (left,centre,*right) becomes (left|gauche;centre;*right|droit). The order variable on the Calendar Template illustrates this capability.

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